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Sascha Brastoff pottery marks on the bottom of works created by the colorful and eccentric mid-20th century ceramist and potter indicate the works were painted by the multi-talented artist. A gifted performer, he danced with the Cleveland Ballet in his teens and produced a notable, comic performance as Carmen Miranda during World War II. While designing costumes for 20th Century Fox, he opened a soon-to-be-famous pottery studio.

With financial backing from Winthrope Rockerfeller, his popularity with Hollywood's elite grew, and he achieved additional fame as a commissioned sculptor and designer for television and movies. Sascha Brastoff bowls and ceramics were celebrated long after he left the company. Sascha Brastoff pottery marks may include his full signature, his iconic rooster stamp with full signature, or Sascha B., all rendered in gold leaf or ink. Collectors can find other exquisite ceramics and pottery online and at auction.
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