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Artist James Alphege Brewer was a well-known architectural painter and etcher in the United Kingdom. His father, artist H.W. Brewer, frowned upon traditional schooling for art, but James attended Westminster School of Art for a time despite his father's disapproval. Cathedrals, colleges, palaces, and other tourist destinations were popular subjects for James Alphege Brewer's etchings.

After artist J. A. Brewer married, his wife's brothers helped him to engrave his intricate designs into plates for printing. The shared process made it easier for Brewer to produce multiple prints at the same time. Printed frequently by the Alfred Bell Company, Brewer's etchings and prints for sale include woodcut landscapes of popular architecture in Britain and France, as well as canal and lake scenes. Find remarkable creations by other talented artists when viewing traditional etching prints online at Invaluable.
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