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József Breznay (20 September 1916 Budapest – 18 February 2012 Budapest) was a Hungarian painter.

1934-39: studied at the University of Fine Arts Budapest. His Masters were Bertalan Karlovszky, Ágost Benkhard, Rezso Burghardt and István Szonyi. 1938-39: he was Szonyi's teaching assistant.

According to the proposal of Prof. Tibor Gerevich he was appointed to receive the scholarship of the Rome Prize. He worked there as a resident of Collegium Hungaricum between 1939 and 1940. In 1940 he received again the Rome Prize. The young painter matured during these years to a painter of full-fledged style, further developing the school of painters of Nagybánya, (Baia Mare, Romania) featuring a relaxed pictorial quality.
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