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Sold at Auction: Walter Brightwell

Alias:Walter Brightwell


Quaint Americana scenes illustrating rural life and landscapes are key features in Walter Brightwell's artwork. His oil paintings of country life in the mid-1900s are expertly colored and detailed. After returning from WWII, he painted the rolling oceanscapes he saw on his way to Europe. The value of Walter Brightwell paintings can range from moderate to expensive, based on size and age.

One of the best-known Walter Brightwell prints is a replica of his painting Goin' Fishin', which has been reprinted several times. He was a gifted lithographer as well, creating prints of farmsteads and seascapes. Walter Brightwell prints span all seasons, with the artist changing his color palettes from vibrant greens of spring to the rich oranges and reds of fall. Find artwork of your favorite locations by browsing memorable landscape paintings online from talented artists around the world.
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