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b. 1955 -

Russian expressionist Slava Brodinsky showed a talent for art at an early age. He graduated from the Fine Art Academy of Birobidzhan in 1979. Slava Brodinsky's paintings during the 1980s were large-scale pieces, using dark colors and shadowing. After he moved to Israel in 1991, his art focused on the changing of seasons, a subject that challenged him as he was not used to the color and play of light. Landscape paintings he created while traveling to Northern Israel and Europe have become popular Slava Brodinsky prints among art enthusiasts.

The medium used in Slava Brodinsky's artwork was a mixture of sand paint and plaster, which Brodinsky used to give texture to his paintings. Slava Brodinsky prints are known worldwide with exhibitions taking place in America, Canada, France, England, and Japan. Take a trip around the world by viewing remarkable landscape prints for sale online at Invaluable.

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