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Painter, copperplate engraver, Form cutter

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      • Hans Brosamer (c. 1495-c. 1554). Aristotle and Phyllis
        Apr. 19, 2024

        Hans Brosamer (c. 1495-c. 1554). Aristotle and Phyllis

        Est: €500 - €700

        Graver, 78 x 97 mm. Bartsch VIII.18, Hollstein 21. Clear impression on laid paper. Trimmed and counterfounded example, with small defects in the three corners: two on the right and one at the top left. Otherwise in good condition.

        Bertolami Fine Art s.r.l.
      • Hans Brosamer, "Salomons Götzendienst", Kupferstich von 1545
        Jul. 14, 2023

        Hans Brosamer, "Salomons Götzendienst", Kupferstich von 1545

        Est: €700 - €800

        Hans Brosamer, "Salomons Götzendienst", Kupferstich von 1545 Hans Brosamer, 1495 Fulda - 1554 Erfurt, deutscher Maler, Kupferstecher, Formschneider und Zeichner. "Insgesamt hatte Salomo 700 Ehefrauen und 300 Nebenfrauen. Sie hatten großen Einfluss auf ihn. Als er älter wurde, brachten sie ihn dazu, andere Götter zu verehren. Er verehrte Astarte, die Göttin der Phönizier, und Milkom, den Götzen der Ammoniter. So tat er, was dem Herrn missfällt. Er hielt nicht mehr mit ungeteiltem Herzen zum Herrn, seinem Gott, wie es sein Vater David getan hatte", Kupferstich, 7,9 x 9,7 cm (Hollstein), bis auf den Plattenrand beschnitten Hans Brosamer hielt sich von 1519 bis 1529 in Nürnberg auf, wo Porträts Nürnberger Bürger entstanden. Um 1536 bis 1550 am fürstlichen Hof in Fulda, später in Erfurt ansässig. Er gehört zur Schule von Lucas Cranach dem Älteren, ist jedoch auch von Albrecht Dürer beeinflusst. Hans Brosamer, "Solomon's Idolatry", copper engraving from 1545 Hans Brosamer, 1495 Fulda - 1554 Erfurt, German painter, engraver, mould cutter and draughtsman. "In all, Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. They had great influence on him. As he grew older, they made him worship other gods. He worshipped Astarte, the goddess of the Phoenicians, and Milcom, the idol of the Ammonites. Thus he did what was displeasing to the Lord. He no longer held to the Lord his God with an undivided heart, as his father David had done", copper engraving, 7.9 x 9.7 cm (Hollstein), trimmed to the platemark Hans Brosamer stayed in Nuremberg from 1519 to 1529, where he painted portraits of Nuremberg citizens. Around 1536 to 1550 at the princely court in Fulda, later resident in Erfurt. He belongs to the school of Lucas Cranach the Elder, but is also influenced by Albrecht Dürer.

        K&K – Auktionen in Heidelberg
      • Brosamer, Hans
        May. 25, 2023

        Brosamer, Hans

        Est: €50 - €75

        (1495-1554) nach. Vanitas oder Die Kurtisane und der Narr. Gegenseitige, freie Nachbildung in Anlehnung an "Buhlerin und Narr". Holzschnitt, wohl 20. Jh. 26,8 x 19,5, Blgr. 31 x 23,7 cm. Punktuell auf Papier geklebt u. dort hs. bez. "Die Wollust". Vgl. Geisberg-Strauss G 410. Hollstein 442. - Leicht gebr. u. lichtrandig, stellenw. stockfl. R

        Kiefer Buch- und Kunstauktionen
      • Hans Brosamer (1495-1554) - Coat of arms of Loubenberg
        Apr. 27, 2023

        Hans Brosamer (1495-1554) - Coat of arms of Loubenberg

        Est: €220 - €260

        A nearly full-page woodcut of the coat of arms of the dedicatee, J.G. of Loubenberg, with on the backside a nearly full page woodcut of two scientists, an old and a modern astron omer holding astronomical instruments in their hands. From P. Apianus Folium Populi Instrumentum... Ingolstadt 22 October 1533. Monogram of Brosmamer partly visible beneath the right feet of the old astronomer.

        Old Master Print
      • Hans Brosamer: Portrait of a Man with Fur Coat and Signet Ring
        Nov. 17, 2022

        Hans Brosamer: Portrait of a Man with Fur Coat and Signet Ring

        Est: €30,000 - €40,000

        BROSAMER, HANS 1495 Fulda - 1554 Erfurt attributed Title: Portrait of a Man with Fur Coat and Signet Ring. Date: Ca. 1525-1530. Technique: Oil on wood. Mounting: Parquetted. Measurement: 43 x 33cm. Frame: Framed. Literature: The Burlington Magazinefor Connoisseurs, London, vol. 73, no. 429, December 1938, "Notable Works of Art now on the Market", panel 1. Provenance: Collection of Wilhelm Ernst Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1876-1923), Weimar; until 1936 in the Berlin antique shop Kahlert & Sohn; received from Kahlert & Sohn by the Munich art dealer Julius Böhler on 8 April 1936; sold in 1940 by the art dealer Böhler to Paul Reusch (1868-1956), Oberhausen, who was chairman of the board of the Gutehoffnungshütte for many years; Auction at the Kunst- und Auktionshaus Schloß Hagenburg, Hagenburg, 12.03.2022, lot 605; Private ownership, Belgium. Certificate by Michaela Schedl, 15.08.22, is available as a copy. Against a dark green background a man in half figure is placed with his upper body slightly slanted. He wears a black beret on his thick, dark brown, neck-length hair. The portrayed man is dressed in a white shirt with a wide anchor chain disappearing into the neckline. He wears a black overcoat over it, trimmed with brown fur. The man's head is turned slightly to the right, as are his brown, eyelash-less eyes, which seek the viewer's gaze. The curved eyebrows have been partially painted with single brushstrokes. The long bridge of the nose ends in a strong curve. In contrast to the lower lip, the upper lip is very narrow. The sitter's left hand is bordered at the lower edge of the painting in such a way that the little finger is not visible. The man wears a ring on the index finger of this hand, in the oval recess of which a coat of arms can be presumed. The Munich art dealer Julius Böhler noted the following about the provenance of the panel: "The portrait originates from the estate of the late Grand Duke of Saxony and hung in the Grand Duke's private rooms at Wartburg before the outbreak of the war." An enquiry with the Wartburg-Stiftung Eisenach revealed that - after checking the research literature and contemporary photographs - the portrait had not been at the Wartburg. However, it can be found on a black-and-white photograph taken before the First World War, showing one of the rooms of the Residenzschloss in Weimar, which was occupied by the last reigning Grand Duke Wilhelm Ernst of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. There it can be seen on the right edge of the picture above a secretary. Until 1936, the portrait was in the Berlin antique shop Kahlert & Sohn, which was founded in 1913 and served as Imperial and Grand Ducal Court Antiquaries for, among others, Grand Duke Wilhelm Ernst, who resided in Weimar and abdicated on 9 November 1918. From there, the panel was received by the renowned Munich art dealer Julius Böhler on 8 April 1936, as can be seen from their index card for the portrait. On 13 May 1936, the art dealer paid the Munich painting conservator Max Koeppel, who probably "transferred" the thinned oak panel to a veneer wood plate. A few months later in August, "Panzerbieter", probably referring to the painter Wilhelm Panzerbieter (1869-1954), was paid to restore the panel. Finally, in September 1936, Karl Pfefferle, "Kunsthandler, Rahmenmacher" (the workshop founded in 1859 still exists today) received 32 Marks for framing the portrait. After Böhler had contacted various interested parties and the portrait had been promoted in The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs, published in London in 1938, the portrait was sold in 1940 to Paul Reusch (1868- 1956), head of the major German company Gutehoffnungshütte in Oberhausen in the Ruhr area. The different assessments of the painter who executed the work and thus of its place of origin can be traced in the records of the art dealer Böhler. In October 1936, Böhler inquired with various Old Master experts. Dr. Friedrich Winkler (1888-1965), at that time director of the Berlin Kupferstichkabinett of the Staatliche Museen, wondered whether it could be "an early work" by the Augsburg painter Christoph Amberger (ca. 1505-1561/1562). His colleague, the Basel-born Dr. Hans Schneider (1888-1953), at that time director of the Netherlands Institute for Art History in The Hague, on the other hand, assumed that the portrait had been painted in the Lower Rhine region - a view previously held by the Berlin-born Dr. Max J. Friedländer (1867-1958), since 1924 first director of the Berlin Gemäldegalerie. In promoting the portrait, however, Böhler finally followed the attribution of the Munich-based Dr. Ernst Buchner (1892-1962), who had been appointed Director General of the Bavarian State Painting Collections in 1932; his fundamental work on German portrait art, Das deutsche Bildnis der Spätgotik und der frühen Dürerzeit, was published in 1953. Buchner attributed the portrait to Hans Brosamer, painter, engraver and mould carver, who was probably born in Fulda around 1495 and died in Erfurt around 1554. Kurt Löcher assumed that Brosamer had been trained in the workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder in Wittenberg around 1515/20, after which his work is documented in Nuremberg. The portrait of the Nuremberg tailor Hans Pirkel the Younger (monogrammed HB and dated 1520) may have led Buchner to attribute the portrait discussed here to Brosamer. Löcher described the Pirkel portrait (Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum) very aptly in 2009: "The portrait of Hans Pirkel offers a prime example of Brosamer's portrait art. It is succinct in its rendering of the darkly dressed male figure against the monochrome green ground on which its rounded cast shadow falls. The head is sharply observed, especially in the age-related undulation of the skin over the firmly built skull. The nose, thickened at the tip, and the strong lower lip characterise a face dominated by the bright eyes turned to the side. Dense brown curly hair covers the head. The comparatively leisurely rising contour on the left, steeper on the right, and the course of the fur lapel give the impression of a slight shift to the right, which counters the energetic turn of the head. The brown fur, which only just hints at the seams of the assembled pelts, is probably taken from the marten's back. The dark gown distinguishes the overcoat from the patterned sleeves of the doublet. The white shirt, over which the strings of the doublet run, adds a light accent. The sitter as well as the painter paid great attention to the depiction of the hands with the paternoster, which divides five black beads each with an ivory-coloured one. (...) The signet ring identifies him as a member of the Pirkel family." The man depicted in the present portrait also wears a ring, in the oval recess of which a coat of arms seems to be embedded (Fig. 7): An inner escutcheon shows two (or three) white diagonal bars in blue. Three blue dots are visible at the top of the golden-yellow frame surrounding it. Above them is a red field. Further research into heraldry would be necessary for the possible identification of the coat of arms and the ring bearer. Whether the attribution made by Ernst Buchner in 1929 is still valid today would have to be checked on the basis of the portraits signed by Hans Brosamer or attributed to him and with the technological research methods available today in the field of paintings (e.g. determination of the signature with infrared reflectography). A monograph on Hans Brosamer's paintings is not yet available. Before the portrait arrived at Böhler in 1936, a copy of the portrait was already in circulation. As can be seen, among other things, in the above-mentioned publication by Ernst Buchner on the German portrait from 1953, portraits were often copied, e.g. if there was interest in the family to also be in possession of the portrait. In the estate of Dr. Kurt Löcher, until 1998 director of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg, which is kept at the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte in Munich, a black-and-white copy of a photograph showing the copied portrait has been preserved. Measuring 46,5 x 35,5 cm, it is somewhat larger than the original (41,1 x 32 cm) (Fig. 8). Below the copy, the attribution to the painter "H. Brosamer" is noted in typewritten form, which comes from Dr. Ernst Buchner ("Certified by Buchner"). In addition, there is a reference to the fact that this portrait was in the possession of "Schäffer, Berlin" in 1930, which very probably refers to the Galerie Dr. Schäffer at Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 7 in Berlin. Schäffer may have purchased the portrait at an auction in the English-speaking region, the organiser of which (in the short time available) could not be ascertained (Fig. 9). The "Portrait of a Man" in front of a 'neutral background' is listed there as no. 41. The dimensions are 18 ½ x 14 inches, i.e. approx. 47 x 35,5 cm. The attribution was based on an expert opinion by Dr. Ernst Buchner from 2 May 1929, who placed the portrait around 1525-1530. A comparison with the black-and-white photo from the photo portfolio of the art dealer Böhler shows (Fig. 10), that the background of the copied picture is lighter and that the copyist did not quite match the original portrait exactly: the face of the copied portrait appears less picturesque, the gaze of the portrayed person more tired. Why the certificate was present for the copy of the portrait but not for the original portrait at Böhler is not known. In 1934, the portrait, which at that time was in a Viennese collection, was again offered at the Galerie Fischer in Lucerne with the "Expertise of Dr. Buchner" as a "Characteristic work in good condition, painted in 1525-1530 [by Hans Brosamer]". It seems to be the same panel that the Dorotheum Salzburg presented in 2014 - Here, too, the attribution to Hans Brosamer was retained, but with the apt remark that the painter was an "imitator of the 19th century". Even if the copies of the present portrait differ minimally from one another in places, it still seems to be the same panel. We are grateful to Michaela Schedl, Tübingen, for her kind assistance in cataloguing the present painting. Explanations to the Catalogue

        Van Ham Kunstauktionen
      • HANS BROSAMER Fulda (?) um 1495 - um 1554 Erfurt: Salomos Götzendienst.
        May. 07, 2022

        HANS BROSAMER Fulda (?) um 1495 - um 1554 Erfurt: Salomos Götzendienst.

        Est: €800 - €1,000

        HANS BROSAMER Fulda (?) um 1495 - um 1554 Erfurt Salomos Götzendienst. Kupferstich. Hollstein 3. - Mit dem Monogramm in der Platte. Auf Bütten. 7,9 x 9,7 cm. Meist bis zur Plattenkante beschnitten und auf Büttenunterlage montiert. Etwas stockfleckig. Sammlung „TWG“ (in brauner Feder; nicht bei Lugt). [bg]

      • Brosamer, Hans
        Oct. 10, 2020

        Brosamer, Hans

        Est: €200 - €300

        (1495 Fulda - Erfurt 1554). Laokoon. Kupferstich auf Bütten 1538. Blgr. 9,6 x 6,5 cm. Mit dem Monogr., Datum u. Titel "Locoon Troia:" i.d. Platte. Meist mit kl. Rd. um die Einfassung. Am ob. Rd. mit Klebstreifen auf Karton geklebt u. dort leimschattig. - B. 15. Ho. 20. - Leichte Gebrauchssp.

        Kiefer Buch- und Kunstauktionen
      • Brosamer, Hans (1495 Fulda - Erfurt 1554). Erschaffung Evas. Holzschni
        Feb. 18, 2017

        Brosamer, Hans (1495 Fulda - Erfurt 1554). Erschaffung Evas. Holzschni

        Est: - €150

        Brosamer, Hans (1495 Fulda - Erfurt 1554). Erschaffung Evas. Holzschnitt 1549 Luthers Wittenberg Bibel bei Hans Lufft, 1550. 10,5 x 14,3, Blgr. 11,2 x 15,5 cm. Mit dem Monogr. u. Datum im Stock. Unter Passep. mont. Stellenw. etw. fleckig, tls. Dünnst. u. tls. unterl. Löchlein, 1 Fehlst. unschön unterl. - +Dabei: Tobias+ mit dem Erzengel Raphael heilt seinen Vater Tobit von dessen Blindheit. Holzschnitt auf der vollen Texts., 16. Jh. 10,5 x 16,5, Blgr. 38 x 24 cm. Unter Passep. mont. - Leicht gebr., vereinz. etw. fleckig. Zus. 2 Bl.

        Kiefer Buch- und Kunstauktionen
      • After Hans Brosamer, (German, 1500-1554), Portrait of Wolff Fuerleger (three quarter length), oil on panel, 18" x 13"
        Mar. 05, 2016

        After Hans Brosamer, (German, 1500-1554), Portrait of Wolff Fuerleger (three quarter length), oil on panel, 18" x 13"

        Est: $1,500 - $2,500

        After Hans Brosamer (German, 1500-1554) Portrait of Wolff Fuerleger (three quarter length) oil on panel 18" x 13" Provenance: Property from a New York Collector

        Toomey & Co. Auctioneers
      • Brosamer, Hans
        Feb. 20, 2016

        Brosamer, Hans

        Est: - €100

        Brosamer, Hans (1495 Fulda - Erfurt 1554). Matthäus und Lukas. 2 Bl. Holzschnitte aus einem Werk des 16. Jh. Jwls. 12 x 14 cm. zus. unter Passep. mont. - Leichte Altersspuren.

        Kiefer Buch- und Kunstauktionen
      • Attributed to BROSAMER, HANS(Fulda circa 1495 -
        Sep. 19, 2014

        Attributed to BROSAMER, HANS(Fulda circa 1495 -

        Est: CHF8,000 - CHF12,000

        Attributed to BROSAMER, HANS (Fulda circa 1495 - circa 1554 Erfurt) Portrait of a man. 1522. Oil on panel. Dated and monogrammed upper right: 1522. HB (ligature). 49 x 34 cm. Provenance: - Fischer auction, Lucerne, 16.6.1959, Lot 2195 (as Hans Brosamer). - German private collection. BROSAMER, HANS (ZUGESCHRIEBEN) (Fulda um 1495 - um 1554 Erfurt) Herrenporträt. 1522. Öl auf Holz. Oben rechts datiert und monogrammiert: 1522. HB (ligiert). 49 x 34 cm. Provenienz: - Auktion Fischer, Luzern, 16.6.1959, Los 2195 (als Hans Brosamer). - Deutsche Privatsammlung.

        Koller Auctions
      • BROSAMER, HANS (ZUGESCHRIEBEN) (Fulda um 1495 - um
        Mar. 28, 2014

        BROSAMER, HANS (ZUGESCHRIEBEN) (Fulda um 1495 - um

        Est: CHF15,000 - CHF25,000

        BROSAMER, HANS (ZUGESCHRIEBEN) (Fulda um 1495 - um 1554 Erfurt) Herrenporträt. 1522. Öl auf Holz. Oben rechts datiert und monogrammiert: 1522. HB (ligiert). 49 x 34 cm. Provenienz: - Auktion Fischer, Luzern, 16.6.1959, Los 2195 (als Hans Brosamer). - Deutsche Privatsammlung.

        Koller Auctions
      • BROSAMER, HANS (Fulda 1495 - 1554 Erfurt). Der
        Mar. 28, 2014

        BROSAMER, HANS (Fulda 1495 - 1554 Erfurt). Der

        Est: CHF200 - CHF300

        BROSAMER, HANS (Fulda 1495 - 1554 Erfurt). Der Kuss, 1540. Kupferstich, 8,3 cm (im Rund). Am unteren Rand rechts monogrammiert und datiert. Hollstein 22. Gerahmt. - Bis zur Einfassungslinie beschnitten, diese zum Teil sichtbar. Einzelne Stockflecken. Insgesamt gut erhalten.

        Koller Auctions
        Feb. 13, 2013


        Est: $1,500 - $3,000

        FOLLOWER OF HANS BROSAMER (german 1500-1554) PORTRAIT OF WOLFF FUERLEGER, THREE-QUARTER LENGTH Inscribed 'WOLFF FVERLEGER CVNTERFET ANNO 1527 / AD. 15. LIVIO SEINES ALTERS. IM. 32. IAR.' top edge, oil on panel 18 x 13 1/8 in. (45.7 x 33.3cm) provenance: Private Collection, Pennsylvania. related literature: I. Kunze, 'Der Meister HB mit dem Greikenkopf - ein Beitrag zur Brosamer Forschung', in Zeitschrift des Deutschen Vereins für Kunstwissenschaft, vol. 8, Berlin, 1941, p. 233 for an autograph version of the present lot.

        Freeman's | Hindman
      • HANS BROSAMER - zugeschrieben Fulda (?) um 1495 -
        Nov. 05, 2011

        HANS BROSAMER - zugeschrieben Fulda (?) um 1495 -

        Est: -

        HANS BROSAMER - zugeschrieben Fulda (?) um 1495 - um 1554 Erfurt Brustbildnis eines Mannes von 21 Jahren. Oel auf Holz mit Einfassungslinie in Schwarz 1538. - Datiert sowie bezeichnet "AETATIS SUAE. XXI" und "FORMA BONUM FRAGILE...". 61 x 45 cm (Holz: 62,5 x 45,5 cm). Mit kleinen Retuschen, vereinzelten winzigen Wurmspuren und winzigen Randbeschädigungen. Vor der Berliner Versteigerung der Gemälde der Fideikommiss-Galerie bei Cassirer & Helbing 1926 wurden die wichtigsten Gemälde von den beiden bedeutenden Kunsthistorikern Wilhelm von Bode und Max J. Friedländer begutachtet. Sie revidierten die bisherige Zuschreibung an Barthel Beham und ordneten dieses Werk dem in Mitteldeutschland tätigen Hans Brosamer zu. Diese Zuschreibung an Brosamer wird durch den Vergleich mit dem einzigen voll signierten Gemälde Brosamers, dem Bildnis des Fuldaer Kanzlers Johannes von Other, das 1536 entstanden war (Irene Kühnel-Kunze, Hans Brosamer und der Meister HB mit dem Greifenhut, in: Zeitschrift des deutschen Vereins für Kunstwissenschaft, 14, 1960, S. 57-80 mit Abb. Nr. 14), und der hohen Malqualität unterstützt. Auf der geschwärzten Tafelrückseite verschiedene Sammlervermerke und -klebeetiketten: Hrzgl. Braunschweigische Gemälde-Galerie Schloss Salzdahlum; Gemälde-Sammlung B. Hausmann, Hannover (vgl. Text bei Lugt 377/378) mit Haupt-Catalognummer "152" und Zuschreibung an Barthel Beham; Sammlungen Georg V., König von Hannover (schablonenaufgetragenes Monogramm mit Krone in Rot), Herzog von Cumberland (mit Nummer 15) und Fideikommiss-Galerie des kgl. Hauses Hannover (Kat. Eisenmann Nr. 61; Kat. 1905 Nr. 49) sowie applizierter Katalogtext der Auktion Fideikommiss-Galerie des Gesamthauses Braunschweig-Lüneburg bei P. Cassirer & H. Helbing, 27./28.04.1926, Lot 15. Gerahmt. [ms] geschätzter Preis: 19500,00 EUR

      • Brosamer, Hans: Aristoteles und Phyllis
        Jun. 04, 2009

        Brosamer, Hans: Aristoteles und Phyllis

        Est: €1,500 - €1,800

        Brosamer, Hans: Aristoteles und Phyllis Aristoteles und Phyllis. Kupferstich. 7,8 x 9,8 cm. Um 1538. B. 18, Hollstein 21. Prachtvoller, teils mit herrlichem Grat ausgestatteter Druck auf die Plattenkante beschnitten, teils mit der vollen Darstellung. Minimal angestaubt und vereinzelte Fleckchen, Montierungsreste verso, sonst in perfekter Erhaltung. Provenienz: Aus den Sammlungen P. von Baldinger-Seidenberg (Lugt 212), siehe dessen Auktion bei H. G. Gutekunst, Stuttgart, Mai 1912, Los 178 (dort als "prachtvoller Abdruck" beschrieben) und Otto Schäfer (nicht bei Lugt), dessen Auktion bei Galerie Kornfeld, Bern, 24. Juni 1992, Los 137.

        Bassenge Auctions
        Sep. 18, 2007


        Est: CHF30,000 - CHF35,000

        BROSAMER, HANS (Fulda 1495 - 1554 Erfurt), attributed Portrait of a young man aged 21 years, 1538. Oil on panel. Inscribed above: AETATIS SUAE XXI/ 15 38. Below: FORMA BONUM FRAGILE X. Verso with inventory stamp of King George V. of Hanover, various labels and a cutting from an auction catalogue of 1926. 60 x 45 cm. Provenance: -Ducal painting gallery in Braunschweig, Schloss Salzdahlum. - W. Hausmann collection, Hanover (Inv.-No. Main Catalogue 152, as B. Beham). - Duke of Cumberland, Hanover (Inventory Fideikommiss-Galerie, cat. Eisenmann No. 61; cat. 1905, No. 49). - Fideikommiss-Galerie auction for Braunschweig-Lüneburg house at Cassirer und Helbing, Berlin 27/28. 4. 1926. BROSAMER, HANS (Fulda 1495 - 1554 Erfurt), zugeschrieben Bildnis eines 21- jährigen Mannes, 1538. Öl auf Holz. Mit Inschrift oben: AETATIS SUAE XXI/ 15 38. Unten: FORMA BONUM FRAGILE X. Verso der Inventarstempel König Georgs V. von Hannover, diverse Klebeetiketten und ein Ausschnitt aus dem Versteigerungskatalog von 1926. 60 x 45 cm.

        Koller Auctions
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