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Carroll Butler Brown was born on February 17, 1868 in New Orleans, Louisiana, son of Theodore and Frances M. Brown. His siblings included brothers F. Herbert, Harold P. and sisters Harriet and Martha. As a youngster he had been severely injured during a shooting accident, which left him paralyzed, unable to stand erect or ever walk again. The remainder of his life was spent in a wheelchair. Due to his mother's compassion for him and to help time pass quickly, she encouraged him to paint. It was soon clear he had a definite ability in that field and began taking private painting lessons.
He first went to Cragsmoor, New York in 1908 where there existed an Art Colony started in 1882 by Edward Lamson Henry. Other members of this group, some of whom were members of the National Academy, included Edward Gay, Charles Curran, George Inness, Jr. Helen Turner, Frederick Dellenbaugh, LeGrand Botsford and Arthur Keller.
They welcomed Carroll Brown as an outstanding addition to their colony. He was so well liked that he was included in weekly meetings held for the purpose of discussing art. In 1919 he built his own home in Cragsmoor for summer living. These artists occasionally met at his home which he named "The Falcon". Although not a member of the National Academy, he exhibited some of his paintings there.
On Sunday, June 3, 1923, he and his mother came again to Cragsmoor for the summer. He died Monday June 4th in his home at the age of 55. His oil paintings include Cragsmoor Landscape, View from the Stone Church, October Birch Trees in Cragsmoor, Tichenor-Miller Home in Cragsmoor (property of Ellenville NY Museum and Library), The Cottage - Black & White Wash, Landscape, Autumn Sunset, View of Ellenville from Cragsmoor, (property Ellenville Museum & Library), Windy Moonrise, Red Sky at Sunset.
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