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Sold at Auction: Roger (1941) Brown

Alias:Roger (1941) Brown


Contemporary artist Roger Brown was born in Hamilton, Alabama in 1941. Early in his career, artist Roger Brown produced landscape paintings depicting people and nature amid apocalyptic backgrounds. Later, as a member of the Chicago Imagist art circle, he created figurative pieces that were narratives of his own political and ethical views.

Roger Brown's prints began to focus on creating AIDS awareness in the late 70s and early 80s. Roger Brown's paintings were often one-dimensional compositions using bright colors. Aside from painting and printmaking, he also created sculptures using unique objects he found and assembled into breathtaking works. Brown eventually died from AIDS-related complications, the very disease he championed to raise awareness about. You can browse more thought-provoking landscape paintings for sale on Invaluable to add to your art gallery.
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