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Sold at Auction: Patricia Buckley Moss

Alias:P Buckley MossPatricia Buckley Moss


Born in 1993 on Staten Island, artist Patricia Buckley Moss has traded early impressions of an urban landscape for a colorful, translucent world of simple folk and gentle creatures. Having struggled with dyslexia, Moss met the linear world around her with an artist's vision, one that saw more than characters in a row. Relocating her family to Virginia's Shenandoah Valley provided P. Buckley Moss the landscape that would become both her art and her life.

Artist Patricia Moss' work endears in its elegance and simplicity, a quality sought after by her collectors. Spread across snow-covered landscapes and rural settings, Patricia Buckley Moss's art suggests much more than it depicts. An elegant goose or a playful fox offers the viewer joy and adventure that Moss magically conjures. Patricia Buckley Moss' original paintings, prints, watercolors, and etchings fill hundreds of galleries across the world. Purchase rural expressionist paintings for sale from the masters of the genre or new-comers to showcase your love of the Great Outdoors.
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