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Sold at Auction: Bernard Buffet

Alias:V. Beffa


French artist Bernard Buffet had his first solo show in Paris in 1947. Tall figures painted in muted tones with strong black outlines were prominent subjects of Bernard Buffet's artwork. Cityscapes, still life, and interiors were also vividly portrayed throughout his engravings, sculptures, and lithography pieces. Artist Bernard Buffet's prints include over 8,000 paintings he completed during his career.

Most known among artist Bernard Buffet's prints is a likeness of the Institut et le Ponts des Arts designed for a French stamp in 1978. Bernard Buffet's paintings worth can vary based on authenticity, quality, and medium. If you're looking for standout pieces of art to spark interesting conversations with your houseguests, purchase stunning and unique portrait paintings online to create those engaging discussions.
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