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Contemporary artist Bobbie Burgers was born in Vancouver in 1973, and she studied art history at the University of Victoria, B.C. She was greatly influenced by the Dutch masters, and her floral landscape paintings are large and full of energy. Bobbie Burgers' paintings are created with thickly textured paint and brightly colored palettes. As her career advanced, her work began to exude an almost abstract style. Burgers has admitted to a level of fearlessness in her recent work not visible in her more detailed past work.

Artist Bobbie Burgers has exhibited her paintings at the Equinox Gallery, Art Market San Francisco, and many other well-known galleries throughout the world. Bobbie Burgers art for sale reaches beyond paintings though, as she also creates mixed media relief and bronze sculpture. Purchase striking landscape paintings online for your next lavish piece of nature-based art.
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