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Born in 1807, artist Henry Burn was an architectural draughtsman by trade. From 1840, painter Henry Burn traveled around England where he created lithographs on stone. Many of Burn's embossed stone tablets, which show his technical skill, are held in UK county libraries. In 1853, the artist Henry Burn moved to Melbourne, Australia, living a humble artist's existence with his wife Susan. Henry Burn exhibited his work at the Victorian Society of Fine Arts in 1857 and the Victorian Academy of Arts from 1870 to 1877. During his lifetime, Burn's landscape paintings for sale did not achieve much success, but his paintings and lithographs are now in great demand as they display the atmosphere and scenes of his times. Good examples of this are A Social Occasion while Boating on the Yarra (1896) and Melbourne from Below (1873). Complete your collection with historical landscape paintings at auction.
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