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Sold at Auction: Margaret Taylor Goss Burroughs

Alias:Margaret Taylor Goss Burroughs


Artist Margaret Taylor Goss Burroughs used her art to make the statement that skin color is a greatly over-emphasized minor difference among people. She dealt with the divide between white and black by bridging it. Her main themes reflect family, community, and history. Margaret Taylor Goss Burroughs' paintings often depict black and white people together, or people with half-white, half-black faces. Artist Margaret Taylor Goss Burroughs was also a teacher, a community activist, a poet, a writer, and the founder of a community center, a museum, and Chicago's Lake Meadows Art Fair. Collectors who find Margaret Taylor Goss Burroughs figural paintings for sale are purchasing pieces with historical and artistic significance. Art enthusiasts will find many other vivid examples of figural paintings and figural drawings to help build their collections through Invaluable.
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