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As an artist, Sergio Bustamante creates sculptures from the nearly mythic characters of his imagination; a child with the face of a sun or twins astride a giant fish. Born in Mexico and educated as an architect at the University of Guadalajara, Bustamante opted to pursue the arts. He debuted his first works at a Mexico City gallery in 1966. While early Sergio Bustamante sculptures featured paper mache construction, his later work soon incorporated wood and bronze materials to form large-scale pieces.

Not limited to sculpture as an artist, Sergio Bustamante transitioned to making one-of-a-kind furniture and jewelry. However, his whimsical animal motif touches all of his work, creating a visual lexicon all his own. Worldwide demand for Sergio Bustamante's art for sale continues to grow, raising the value of his work. Find your own fanciful animal sculptures for sale at auction or online to show off your eclectic side.
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