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Sold at Auction: Ralph Cahoon

Alias:Ralph Cahoon


Artist and painter Ralph Cahoon was born in Cape Cod in 1910. In lieu of taking up his ancestral family trade of whaling and fishing, the gifted young artist found his way to painting. As a teenager, he took a correspondence course in cartooning. Cahoon's formal training at Boston's School of Practical Art ceased after two years due to financial troubles brought forth by America's Great Depression.

The New England artist Ralph Cahoon has exhibited his paintings in galleries throughout America. Posthumously, more than 10 exhibitions in museums have shown his paintings to awestruck spectators. In addition to Cahoon's figural paintings for sale depicting whimsical scenes of mythical mermaids frolicking with sailors, you can also browse his imaginative hot air balloon paintings. Bring a piece of whimsy into your home and purchase fantastical figural paintings available through Invaluable.
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