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Emma Camden (1966-)

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  • EMMA CAMDEN (New Zealand, born 1966) Boxing a Lover (No/Yes) 1998 cast glass (2)

  • EMMA CAMDEN (New Zealand, born 1966) Tower of Passion 1998 cast glass, two-part assemblage

  • Two Piece Glass Sculpture, Emma Camden

  • EMMA CAMDEN (NEW ZEALANDER, BORN 1966) Secret Tower 1998 lost wax, cast glass

Emma Camden Biography

Born and educated in England, Emma gained her degree at the University of Sunderland. Emma immigrated to New Zealand in 1991 and was based and taught in Auckland for many years until she moved to Whanganui in 2000, where she still lives with her partner and fellow glass artist David Murray, and their two children.

Emma distinctly remembers the moment when she knew that she wanted to be an artist. Her exact age she is unsure of, but she clearly remembers holding her father’s hand and it being above her head when he took her to visit the studio of the sculptor Frank Martin. The man and his studio left a significant impression on Emma and it was during this visit that she realised she wanted to be an artist.

Emma’s work reflects her love of history. It is architectural in style, as seen in her Viaduct series, inspired by the ancient Roman aqueducts; or the ancient Egyptian pyramids in her Passage series. Her work combines these elements to beautiful effect. Emma has experienced two great losses in her life: that of her mother, and that of her best friend, in her forties. Both have deeply informed her work. While not religious herself, Emma’s mother’s relationship with religion at the end of her life has greatly informed her work. The many conversations they had about life and death and that which follows still inspires her. The pyramid influence of her Passage series shows not only both her love of history and her architectural style, but her interest in the Egyptian belief in the afterlife. As in her Passage works, it is believed that the small chambers and passageways that led from the tombs to the outside allowed the soul to leave the body and reach the afterlife.

Emma’s characteristic energy and need to keep fit for glass casting led her to return to her teenage love of roller-skating. Many locals will attest to seeing Emma cruising through Whanganui on her skates at great speeds with the family dog in tow. Through a friend, Emma was introduced to a roller derby team and a new hobby was formed. As a glass artist during the day, working in a locally made material, Gaffer glass whose casting glass is made up of 45% lead crystal, Emma’s roller derby name is aptly ‘Crystal Crusher’, and her number is 45.

As with all things Emma does, the full weight of her passion and energy is thrown behind it. Emma has even started a second roller derby league in Whanganui which she coaches and manages.

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  • Emma Camden The Cross cast glass, signed and dated, Emma Camden, Click for value View Details
  • Emma Camden Safe House glass table sculpture in two sections 380 x 155 x 160mm, Emma Camden, Click for value View Details
  • Emma Camden Untitled cast glass, signed and dated, Emma Camden, Click for value View Details

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