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Sold at Auction: Robert Campin

Alias: mestre Robiert le pointreRobiert CampinRobert CanfinRobert Canpin


(b Tournai, France, 1375; d Tournai 1444) Netherlandish painter. Campin was a master painter in Tournai in the early 15th century. An instructor to Rogier van der Weyden and Jacques Daret, he purchased citizenship in Tournai in 1410. He received commissions from the city of Tournai, churches and other citizens. Campin had a workshop with assistants where he produced sculptures, murals and panels as well as paintings. Much of his work features the religious themes commonly found in Flemish art of the period; his Merode Alterpiece is one such example. Although it cannot be certain, Campin is presumed to be the name behind the anonymous “Master of Flemalle”.
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