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Sold at Auction: Emil Carlsen

Alias:Søren Emil Carlsen


(b Copenhagen, Denmark, 1853; d 1932) American painter. Born and initially trained as an architect in Denmark, Emil Carlsen was a primarily self-taught artist and a distinguished American painter known for his still lifes and impressionistic landscapes. He immigrated to Chicago in 1882, but later returned to Europe, training in Paris and studying the Old Masters. He was an instructor at the Chicago Academy of Design in the mid 1880s and director of the California School of Design in San Francisco from 1887 to 1891. Carlsen returned to New York where he established himself as a successful still-life painter. He was also a renowned instructor, teaching at the National Academy of Design in New York (1906 - 1909) and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia (1912 - 1918). In 1905, Carlsen settled permanently in Falls Village, Connecticut, which provided him with superb subject matter for his landscape paintings. (Credit: Heritage Auction Galleries, Dallas, Nov. Heritage Fine Art Signature #638 – Day 1, November 9, 2006, lot 24027)
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