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Sold at Auction: John Wilson Carmichael

Alias:James Wilson Carmichael


Son of a shipwright, artist John Wilson Carmichael was a 19th century British marine painter famous for his oil and watercolor seascapes. After spending some time at sea, painter John Wilson Carmichael set up his first studio at the age of 23 in Newcastle. Soon after, he began exhibiting at prestigious galleries such as the Royal Academy and the British Institution, and Carmichael's maritime paintings for sale grew his reputation as a respected marine artist. 

Artist John Wilson Carmichael suffered tragedy with the early death of his son, at which point he retired from the art world and moved to Scarborough. His work is regarded as highly collectible, and it's offered online by many well-known art galleries. Browse the large collection of antique maritime paintings, and add a touch of nautical romance to your living space.
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