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Caroline Ward Nakamarra


Aliases: Caroline Ward Nakamarra, Caroline Ward Nakamarra, Caroline Ward Nakamarra

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www.clement-gallery.com Page 1 Caroline Ward Nakamarra Caroline Ward Nakamarra was born in 1984, is from the Kiwirrkurra area Western Australia near Western Australia and the Northern Territory boarder lines. Caroline is a rising artist.

She is the niece to internationally renowned artist George Ward Tjungurray. Her Grandfather was Timmy Payunka Tjapangati an early Papunya Painter. Her Mother is Lorna Ward Napanangka, a 2nd generation artist. Caroline is a 3rd generation artist who has a natural ability to express her knowledge of many traditional stories & women’s ceremonies shown in her multi design paintings Caroline's artworks are well sought after by investors and collectors of fine Indigenous Aboriginal paintings.

Caroline Ward Nakamarra's artworks represent excellent investment potential with worldwide interest in this now booming industry. Caroline paintings depict the creations events at the rock holy site of Marrapinti, west of Kiwirrkura. A group of senior women camped at this site, they gathered kampurarrpa (bush raisin), which are ground to make a type of damper

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