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Alias:Emily CarrM. Emily Carr


Emily M. Carr, born 1871, was a Canadian artist famous for her paintings relating to the indigenous people and nature of Canada. When she was 18, Carr went to San Francisco to study art, after which she returned to Victoria. Emily Carr's paintings were originally in her self-named French Style, but were ahead of her time and not popular. Emily Carr's prints are unique because she was one of the only female painters in North America or Europe who created artworks around aboriginal themes.

The most famous ofEmily Carr's paintings feature totem poles and nature scenes. Carr was also a writer, and her autobiography that provided many insights into her life was published after her death. Emily Carr's art is for sale internationally, and her work is displayed in collections around the globe. Purchase vintage landscape paintings at online auction to inspire joy and appreciation for Mother Earth.
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