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Artist Beverly Jamison Carrick attained success from an early catastrophic experience. Born in Bakersfield in 1930, Carrick used art as therapy after losing her leg to cancer at the age of 12. In 1963, following the tutelage of renowned seascape artist, Vernon Kerr, she embarked on an illustrious career as a painter. Studying with Orientalist artist Theodore Lukits, known for teaching several of Walt Disney's artists, artist Beverly Carrick began work on marine scenes and landscapes. Carrick's oil paintings, including Central California Mountain, exhibit the majestic, rolling mountains of Southern California. Carrick is a founding Signature member of the American Academy of Women Artists. Carrick's art, found in notable private collections, showcases the extraordinary beauty of southwestern America. Bring a part of striking regional scenery into your home and purchase masterful landscapes at Invaluable.
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