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Ettore Caser (1880-1944), was a Venetian and the glory that was Venice ever held him enthralled. He had a profound knowledge of the methods of the Old Masters and of their techniques. Throughout his canvasses will be found qualities of texture and color such as can only be produced by these ancient methods.

Caser had an insatiable enthusiasm for painting. He had a child-like simplicity and gave forth a warmth of friendliness but with an almost timid reserve. His six years at the Conservatory of Music in Venice proved a valuable asset, for there are musical qualities and an ever-present gaiety in his imaginative and decorative canvasses.

John Singer Sargent while working on his Boston Museum decorations, made several trips to see the self-portrait of Caser in the home of H. Dudley Murphy in Lexington, Mass. Mr. Murphy, a famous American artist, persuaded Caser to come to this country, and helped to establish him in Winchester. His work was well received both in Boston and Chicago and resulted in commissions for decorations in many homes, including the famous Ginn Estate in Winchester.
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