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Haitian painter Laurent Casimir was born in 1928, and he studied at the Foyer of Fine Arts from 1950 to 1956. The culture of Haiti was ever present in Laurent Casimir’s abstract paintings of colorful markets, celebratory events, and ethnic dancing. Bright shades of red, orange, and yellow dominate the color palette in Laurent Casimir paintings.

During the busiest part of the artist's career, Laurent Casimir abstract paintings were often colored, or created, in his style, by apprentices in his studio. The sheer volume of pieces available from Casimir only added to further commercialization of his art. Despite panning from critics, the popularity of Laurent Casimir’s artwork spawned many artists who imitated his Haitian infusion style. For unique perspectives on other cultures and subjects, browse mind-bending abstract paintings for sale online at Invaluable.
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