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Artist Mick Cawston, born in Essex in 1959, adeptly used oils, watercolors, and pastels to portray countryside scenes and dogs. Indeed, his realistic renderings of dogs eventually garnered the attention of Sally Mitchell, a premiere fine arts publishing house, in 1987. Before this partnership, Cawston struggled as a street artist in London. 

Sally Mitchell, however, recognized the marketability of Mick Cawston's paintings, and immediately issued two limited edition prints of his work. By 2000, this fruitful relationship had yielded 300 limited edition Mick Cawston prints, solidifying his commercial success. As a prolific and bankable artist, Mick Cawston was nominated a top seller four times throughout his career. Sadly, Cawston died in 2009. Art collectors and dog lovers find his and other collectible oil paintings for sale online at Invaluable.
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