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Sold at Auction: Paul Cézanne

Alias:Paul Cézanne


Paul Cezanne is one of the most recognizable names in the art world. Born in France in 1839, he showed a creative talent early in life and began to study at the Free Municipal School of Drawing in 1857. He is considered one of the greatest impressionist painters and is credited with taking a leading role in ushering the 20th century into the new genre of abstract art, especially the Cubism movement. His work is well-known for its intensity, and Paul Cezanne paintings are renowned worldwide.

Because he's a master of composition, Paul Cezanne artworks are easily recognizable and highly coveted. As he gained popularity, Paul Cezanne paintings became more contemporary and vibrant. Paul Cezanne original prints for sale are a wonderful find for any collector. Browse the vintage watercolor paintings for sale at Invaluable to add some true gems to your collection.
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