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Sold at Auction: William (1879) Chadwick

Alias:William (1879) Chadwick


Artist William Chadwick pushed limits. Although Chadwick was born in England, his family moved to the United States when he was five, and he grew up in Massachusetts. Despite living in an area where the Hudson River school held sway, the style artist William Chadwick adopted was that of the Impressionists. After traveling (including a stint in Italy), Chadwick and his family settled in Connecticut, partly because of his participation in the artists' colony of Old Lyme. As a painter, William Chadwick's main concern was exploring the effects of light and color when he created his works en plein air. William Chadwick landscapes are known for his ability to capture the mood of the various seasons. Browse vintage landscape paintings online as you look for excellent examples of Impressionist artworks.
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