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Sold at Auction: Raymond Ching

Alias:Raymond Harris-Ching
Bird painterPainter


New Zealand artist Raymond Ching is known for painting both the common and exotic birds of the world. After dropping out of high school, he became the art director for an advertising company, then quit to focus on his own art. In 1966, a series of Raymond Ching drawings were exhibited in John Leech Galleries in Auckland. Aptly titled Thirty Birds, the solo exhibition quickly sold out. The value of Raymond Ching prints increased tremendously after he drew 230 birds for Readers's Digest. The Reader’s Digest Book of British Birds, published in 1969, is still in print and considered the world's best-selling bird book. Later work includes a Raymond Ching drawing of Charles Darwin that was turned into a British stamp in 1999. Let your creative side soar, and view enchanting animal drawings for sale online by other talented artists.
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