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Sold at Auction: Demetre Chiparus

Alias:Dimitri ChiparusDemeter ChiparusDumitru Chiparusu


Romanian artist Demetre Chiparus became one of the most significant artists of the Art Deco movement, through combining bronze and ivory in what is known as the chryselephantine technique. Born in 1886, he studied in Italy before attending the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris where he refined his style. French fashion and theater, Eqyptian culture, and the dancers of France and Russia were influential to his style, as the bulk of his work centers on female dancing figures. Noted for their agile, slender bodies that evoke graceful motion, Demetre Chiparus's sculptures of female dancers feature decorative detail.

Demetre Chiparus sculptures and artwork for sale are not limited to dancers, as his early works include realistic renderings of children, which he exhibited in the Salon in Paris. It is, however, the Art Deco bronze and ivory statues of dancers for which he is most renowned. You can find notable artists' sculptures available online and at auction.
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