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Sold at Auction: Fyffe W. G. Christie

Alias:Fyffe Christie


Born in Hertfordshire, Christie moved to Glasgow aged 12. He took up an apprenticeship as a lithographic draughtsman before serving in the Scottish Rifles during WWII. After the war, Christie returned to Glasgow to study mural painting at the Glasgow School of Art, winning the Newberry Medal in 1950 as well as a year's post-diploma study. He won several important mural commissions including for Glasgow University and Iona Community House. His oil painting and draughtsmanship were less well-known parts of his oeuvre until an exhibition held at Woodlands Gallery shortly before his death in 1979, and subsequent exhibitions at Cyril Gerber Fine Art, Fairhurst Gallery, Glasgow School of Art, Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood, and Wimpole Hall.
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