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Sold at Auction: Thean Teng Chuah

Alias:Chuah Thean Teng
PainterSculptorWood cutter


Thean Teng Chuah's prints are batik in style, which is a method of dyeing cloth to produce brightly colored images and patterns. Teng, the name by which he signs his work, brought this old craft back into fashion in the 20th century by creating impressive pieces depicting Malaysian life.

Thean Teng Chuah's artwork showed great promise after he left China for Malaysia, where he had more freedom to develop his talent. Thean Teng Chuah's prints are characterized by their vibrant lines of color and simple portraits of everyday, rural life. Thean Teng Chuah's paintings were first exhibited on the international market in 1959, at the Commonwealth Institute of Art in London. The exhibition was a great success, and most of his artwork sold on the first day. To add similarly impressive pieces to your collection, browse through unique portrait prints online at Invaluable.
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