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Barrie A. F. Clark's framed Spitfire paintings depict the planes airborne, often amid darkened skies or among rays of sunlight.The UK-born artist is renowned for his detailed aircraft images. His father served in the Royal Flying Corps as a pilot, and his enthusiasm for steam locomotives and model aircraft inspired Clark’s art. In December 1962 Clark completed his training at Northampton College of Art. Barrie A.F. Clark's Spitfire pictures for sale are sought after by military, aircraft, and WWII art collectors.

Clark designed and built prototypes for toys for a time in 1967 before becoming a full time artist. Barrie A. F. Clark paintings that depicted aircraft images became his most recognizable, though he also painted locomotives and other subjects.His genuine interest in locomotives and aircraft, coupled with his parents' encouragement to pursue his art, helped Barrie A. F. Clark paintings to become world renowned. Purchase historic art prints online to showcase your interest in bygone eras.
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