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Sold at Auction: George Clausen

Alias:George Clausen
PainterWater color painterWall painter


The work of artist George Clausen is filled with rural scenes and portraits which study light and its effects on his subjects. Born in London in 1852, Clausen's Paris studies at the Académie Julian were the beginning of his interest in painting plein-air, and light's effect on the landscape. As a teacher, his lectures were well attended by students, critics and painters, and their content was collected and published in several volumes. Artist George Clausen urged a study of the Old Masters, finding little use for experimental movements of the time.

Knighted in 1927, painter George Clausen is best known for paintings such as The Girl at the Gate (1889) and Gleaners Coming Home (1904). George Clausen's portrait paintings for sale include expressive scenes of rural people set against the sun. Surround yourself with glimpses of life and light in candid, expressive collectible and vintage portrait paintings from around the world.
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