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Clarice Cliff began her career at age 13, as a gilder. After mastering gilding and freehand embellishment, she moved to A.J. Wilkinson's Newport factory. In 1927, she was given her own studio, Newport Pottery. Many are familiar with Clarice Cliff's pottery known as Bizarre ware, which was the artist's first line, incorporating unusual color and shape choices. In 1930, her mentor, Colley Shorter, registered her name and a number of her pottery shapes. In particular, Clarice Cliff's art featured harmonically combined shapes and patterns.

Clarice Cliff ceramics retained their popularity and sales until styles changed after the Great Depression. She continued as the art director of Newport Pottery until she sold the firm in 1964, after the death of her husband. Even today, Clarice Cliff pottery retains an air of the unusual, both in design and decoration. You can find fine examples of ceramics and pottery for sale at auction and online to enhance your collection.
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