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Large-game animal artist Guy Joseph Coheleach was born in New York in 1933. After studying art and graduating from Cooper Union, Coheleach worked as an illustrator. Inspiration for Guy Joseph Coheleach's paintings comes from the artist's international safaris and frequent trips to American National Parks. His skill painting large cats and other predators has won him the Society of Animal Artists Excellence Award numerous times.

His realistic oil paintings are a product of his dedication to wildlife. Even after being trampled by an elephant during one of his trips to Zambia, he continued to devote his time to painting to exotic wild animals. Guy Joseph Coheleach paintings of predatory animals, like tigers or lions, are his most sought after artworks. The value of Guy Joseph Coheleach prints depends on the quantity available, framing, and quality of the matting used. Unleash your inner animal lover by purchasing fantastic animal prints online.
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