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Sold at Auction: Rudolph Colao

Alias:Rudy Colao


American artist Rudolph Colao created his still life paintings using actual bouquets or floral landscapes for inspiration. At the age of 33, in 1960, he received the Grand Prize award at the Washington Square Art Exhibit. Texture and lighting, as well as depth, are key features in Rudolph Colao paintings.

In 1995, artist Rudolph Colao won the Rockport Art Association's Excellence in Painting award for his stunning floral still life work. Rudolph Colao paintings for sale are often oil on canvas pieces, and vary in price from moderate to expensive depending on wear and popularity. He was a member of the Allied Artists of America, and taught at two different U.S. art schools. You can view many gorgeous floral arrangements by searching for phenomenal still-life paintings for sale online.
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