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Claire Jeanne Robertine Colinet Art for Sale at Auction

Sculptor, b. 1880 - d. 1950

Sculptor Claire Jeanne Robertine Colinet was born in Brussels in 1880, and studied sculpture with artist Jef Lambeaux. Her favorite subjects were exotic dancers, cabaret workers, and circus performers. The female figures in Claire Colinet sculptures are petite, well-muscled, and dramatic. Colinet held her first exhibition in 1913 at the Salon de Artistes Francois. 

Sculptor Claire Jeanne Robertine Colinet's most well-known subjects are her female Arab dancers cast in bronze or chryselephantine, a blend of bronze and ivory. Claire Colinet figural sculptures for sale are mostly Art Deco style, though their dramatic poses and illusion of movement are almost expressionist. She was also a member of the Union of Women Painters and Sculptors, and a member of the Salon de Artistes Francois since 1929. Embrace your love of drama and movement by viewing distinctive bronze sculptures online at Invaluable.

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