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The work of contemporary American artist George Condo encompasses elements of Cubism, a touch of the Old Masters, a hint of Salvador Dali, and a sprinkle of Walt Disney. "Psychological Cubism" is the term he uses to describe his bizarre, somewhat disturbing, yet fanciful renderings of the human figure. Faces sport eyes bulging from their sockets; a surplus of arms and legs protrude from odd places; a dog's head replaces that of a woman's. At first glance these odd images give pause, but one soon finds beauty in the grotesque. Painter George Condo's first exhibitions were in New York City in the early 1980s where he also worked a short while at Andy Warhol's iconic Factory. After spending ten years in Paris, he returned to live in New York. Contemporary paintings for sale by artist George Condo echo the themes of his early Cubist works. Peruse unique, provocative, contemporary paintings by today's best artists online and at auction.
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