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RAÚL CORDERO born 1971 in Havana, Cuba | lives and works in Mexico City.

A conceptual approach is evident in the paintings by Raúl Cordero. In our day, film has become more important than individual “static” documents, being both an omnipresent phenomenon of our current perception and historically significant for example particularly in the filmic documents of the different recent revolutions. In Cordero’s work, therefore, filmic sequences gel into blurred stills overlaid by signs and ciphers, and sometimes even by real objects (in one case spectacles, for example) or an apparently alien text. This artist’s interest in when exactly a work begins and which processes and ideas it progresses through on its way to being an artwork, also finds expression in the markings, layers and references to other media and foreign artworks which graphically extend and complete the frame of reference of his works.
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