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Sold at Auction: Camille Corot

Alias:Camille CorotJean-Baptiste Camille Corot
PainterLithographercopperplate engraver


Born to bourgeois parents in Paris in 1796, Camille Corot excelled neither in his academic studies nor his father's trade as a draper. He was, however, passionate about paint. Recognizing this, Corot's parents financed their son's pursuits. Corot studied art at the Louvre and enjoyed the tutelage of two landscape painters. Influenced by his instructors, early Camille Corot artworkfocused on landscapes. While later prints by Camille Corot maintained this emphasis on landscapes, they shed the Neoclassical precepts of his teachers. 

In 1827, the first of several of Camille Corot's prints exhibited at the Paris Salon. He was in Rome at the time, developing a life-long habit of creating plein-air oil sketches he later transferred to larger canvases. The Camille Corot paintings for sale most popular today are these smaller oil sketches. Display your love of outdoor spaces and buy first-rate landscape paintings for sale online to foster your interests.
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