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Sold at Auction: Edouard Cortès

Alias:Edouard CortèsEdouard-Léon CortèsEdouart Leon CortesEdouardo Leon Cortes
PainterLandscape painter


Born in France in 1882 to successful Spanish painter Antonio Cortes and his wife, artist Edouard Cortes became renowned for his historical pieces depicting French life in pre-1930s Paris. Edouard Cortes paintings spanned multiple mediums as he was skilled in gouache, watercolor, and oil. His first exhibit, when he was just 16, occurred at the Societe de Artistes Francais, where he showed his piece, La Labour, which depicted a farmer plowing while accompanied by a god.

Edouard Cortes's art chronicled the changing atmosphere of Paris during the early 1900s, as he wanted to show Paris as it was prior to WWII. Artist Edouard Cortes shied away from public acclaim as he felt his art should stand on its own merit for interpretation by the viewers. Find other interesting historical pieces by taking a look at outstanding genre paintings online and at auction and add some history to your favorite space.
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