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b. 1940 - d. 2010

Bruno Cote was born in the city of Quebec in August of 1940. From his Irish, Scottish and French origins rapidly arises this strong personality, today transcending his paintings. His youth in a family bosom where art holds a strong significance will entice young Bruno to develop a keen sense for drawing. This, therefore, makes him feel quite at ease when joining the family's publicity business in 1957. A natural enthusiasm together with a desire for the job well done will permit him to work at all levels, from lettering to artistic directorship, while strengthening the discipline and tenacity that characterize him today.

This career in publicity does not succeed in satisfying Bruno who, from his childhood days, dreams of wild landscapes. Outings in the forest multiply and become accomplices of a continuous quest for the subtle visual elements that transform a natural scenery into a grandiose happening. This fascination will have outdoor activities follow one another untill the mid-sixties when Bruno becomes initiated with painting. From this moment on, he has an only dream: to devote himself entirely to Art.

In 1978, his dream comes true. Baie-Saint-Paul becomes the family's place of residence and Charlevoix the painter's inspirational core. A full year of his passionate and tenacious work enabled him to offer the public his first important solo exibition.

Charlevoix's colors and mountains quietly become insufficient for Bruno's inspiration. In 1980, he decides to explore elsewhere in his home country: Canada. A journey in the Rockies is then organized and becomes the first of many expeditions that will have him travel our land from West to East. Because of its continental dimensions, its multitude of forces and contrasts as well as the diversity of its people and scenery, Canada offers a richness of inspi ration. The Pacific Rim's wild beauty in British Columbia, the warmth of Labrador's icebergs, the immensity of the Prairies'skies, the North's savage force and Quebec's magnificent forests are all elements of love impregnated in the painter's work.

Continuously in quest of new inspiration, Bruno Cote still sketches and paints all over Canada. His territory, source of research and renewal, spreads from Vancouver to Newfoundland where art galleries represent him and offer periodic solo exibitions.

Galerie d'art Vincent, Ottawa.
Hollander York Gallery,Toronto.
La Galerie sur Greene.
Galerie Art & Style, Baie-Saint-Paul.
West End Gallery, Edmonton; Victoria.
Assiniboia Gallery, Regina.
Linda Lando Fine Art, Vancouver.
Kensington Fine Art Gallery, Calgary.
Galerie d'art Les Peintres Québécois, Québec.

This information is courtesy of Jean-Francois Garand.

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