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Gerald Davison Coulson was born in Kenilworth, England in 1926. From an early age, he displayed a love of aircraft and drew them constantly as a boy. His studies in aircraft engineering and apprenticeships as an engineer and RAF technician produced a knowledge that, coupled with his artistic skills, garnered him the position as an illustrator of service manuals for Civil and Military Aircraft. In 1969, his ability to capture the realism of the planes he painted led to a full time career in art and the reputation of the most widely collected artist in the world today.

Along with his popular aircraft, Gerald Davison Coulson's landscape, race car, and portrait oil paintings have also garnered successful gallery showings, with his oil paintings for sale landing him three times at number one on the Fine Art Guild's best selling UK Artist list. Purchase life-like realist oil paintings from prominent 20th-century artists and bring your home to life.
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