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Lawrence Coulson's Biography - Following in the footsteps of his famous father, Gerald Coulson. Lawrence Coulson has enjoyed sell-out success of his work since becoming a professional artist in September 1997. As a child, Lawrence Coulson grew up surrounded by his father's evocative paintings which inspired him to start painting. Mad on cars, he was often give a blank piece of paper to draw his favorite models over and over again. Despite his early love of art, Lawrence left school with only a D grade in the subject, going to work in retail and eventually taking up the position of sales and marketing manager for a local family firm.

It was at this time that Lawrence's father suggested he try his hand at painting and the first result was extremely encouraging. A few months later, with several paintings to his name, Lawrence was given the opportunity to hang some of his work in a local pub in Cambridge - a week later he had sold his very first painting for £30.00.

Throughout the 1980's, Lawrence continued to paint in his spare time, gradually building up a reputation within local galleries who were selling more and more of his work. His "big break" came in the summer of 1996, when a restaurant owner friend suggested he display his work on the premises on a commission-free basis.

The restaurant owner then suggested holding a private exhibition of Lawrence's work which Lawrence organised and marketed. He decided to invite The Halcyon Gallery along to his show, who were so impressed that they bought virtually every picture in the exhibition.

Over the next year, Lawrence worked flat out on his paintings in his free time to keep up with demand, while still holding down his full-time job as a manager. It was only at the point of complete exhaustion that he realised his career decision had to be made, and on Independence Day in 1997 he declared himself officially an artist.

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