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Sold at Auction: John P. Cowan

Alias:John P. Cowan


Artist John Cowan was a watercolor painter of fishing and hunting scenes. His work appeared as cover art and illustrations in both outdoor magazines such as Sports Afield and Outdoor Life and in leading publications such as Life, Look, and Esquire. After graduating from the prestigious Pratt Institute, he served with the U.S. Air Corps near Houston, Texas, during WW II. He remained in southeast Texas after service, where, after working as an advertising illustrator, he became the naturalist artist. John Cowan indulged his love of bird hunting and salt and freshwater fishing while in southeast Texas.

John Cowan's paintings of waterfowl shooting, covey hunting, or redfish and trout fishing are renowned for their crispness of terrain features and color and the shimmering sunlight reflected on rolling water. Many of John Cowan's prints were reproduced as game licensing stamps. Other lithograph prints for sale at Invaluable include collectible works by dozens of accomplished artists.
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