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Jon Crane art is known for a subtle and realistic treatment of subjects from rural America in transparent watercolor. Using washes and a dry brush technique, he captures with exquisite detail nostalgic landscapes from all around America. Claiming the trademark of Art That Takes You Home, Jon’s paintings evoke emotions of familiarity and belonging among his collectors and admirers.
Born November 18, 1948 in Morristown, New Jersey, Jon discovered the West as a teenager on a family trip and resolved to return there at the earliest possible moment. In 1967, he left the crowded East to attend college at the University of Northern Colorado, where he earned a B.A. in Fine Arts in 1971. After graduation, he spent the next five years as an Air Force pilot, logging combat missions in Southeast Asia. He returned to civilian life in 1975 after being stationed at Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City, South Dakota. Enthralled by the beauty of the Black Hills, he decided to remain there to begin his art career. Now, after 35 years as a watercolor artist, Jon still lives in the Black Hills with Gail (his wife and traveling companion) in a home and studio that he designed and built near Mystic.
Jon is a descendent of two noted artists. Alfred R. Waud, his great-great grandfather, was well known for his Civil War sketches done for Harper’s Weekly, many of which may be seen in books and documentaries on the Civil War. Marine artist Milton J. Burns was a popular contemporary of Winslow Homer and Jon’s great grandfather.
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