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Toller Cranston is a renowned figure skater, actor, and artist. Born in Ontario, Canada in 1949, the polymathic Cranston began both painting and ice skating at an early age, and he quickly showed an aptitude for both. Cranston's artistic style was heavily influenced by his love of skating, which is is evident in such notable Toller Cranston paintings as Somewhere in My Garden and Blue Harvest. Though his most prominent pieces were oil on canvas, Cranston excelled in many mediums, and examples of Toller Cranston's art can be found across the entire artistic spectrum, including lithography, literature, and performance. 

During his lifetime, Cranston exhibited in numerous galleries. His duality as both an artist and athlete earned him Performer in Residence at Harvard University and the University of Maine. Collectors can find Toller Cranston paintings and prints, along with other contemporary, fantasy-themed oil paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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