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Artist Alwyn Crawshaw is a British artist specializing in nostalgic landscape paintings. Born and raised in Yorkshire, Crawshaw studied at Hastings School of Art before settling down in Norfolk. A prolific writer as well as painter, Alwyn Crawshaw has written 25 books including A Brush with Art, which was a best seller for 9 weeks.

His popularity is such that one of artist Alwyn Crawshaw's books is lent by a UK library every day. As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, his works are still highly respected. Alwyn Crawshaw's landscapes for sale can be found regularly on auction sites. His recent sales include the watercolors Ploughing the Field and Country Landscape; Early Start. To experience the beauty of owning original art in your own home, browse Invaluable for a range of serene and evocative landscape paintings for sale. 
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