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Sold at Auction: Ray Crooke

Alias:Ray Austin Crooke


Artist Ray Crooke exhibited a love for drawing during his childhood years spent in Melbourne, Australia in the early 1920s. He went on to study at the Art School at Swinburne Technical College before joining the army during WWII. Despite his time occupied by the war, painter Ray Crooke continued to study drawing through correspondence, while heavily observing the scenes surrounding him. These initial experiences in tropical settings inspired him, and would end up being the subject of many of artist Ray Crooke's future landscape paintings.

Choosing to work outside of the public eye but still garnering prestigious recognition, Crooke focused on portraying exotic scenes and portraits of the natives on Australia's Thursday Island, the setting of many Ray Crooke African American paintings for sale. Expand your collection with many artists' original African American paintings for sale at auction.
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