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Jasper Francis Cropsey Art for Sale at Auction

Landscape painter, Painter, b. 1823 - d. 1900

When an employer saw 15-year-old Jasper Francis Cropsey's paintings and realized his talent, he provided him with the tools and opportunity to develop his skills. During this five-year architectural apprenticeship, which also developed his ability to draw buildings, he was trained and influenced by Maury, Ranney, and Mount, watercolor and genre painters of the mid-1800s. Jasper Francis Cropsey's paintings were vivid, intricately colored landscapes, created in watercolors and oils with great accuracy and attention to detail.

Cropsey's paintings for sale in the early days mainly covered his years of growing up on the farm on Staten Island. Later, Jasper Cropsey's prints helped residents of Europe learn about the landscapes of North America. In 1867, Cropsey became a founding member of the American Watercolor Society and gained his name on the art scene as a Hudson River School painter. Purchase historic landscape paintings online to capture a little piece of bygone days.

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